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Joey Wang

Network Management Division
Taiwan Mobile


Bjørn Amundsen

Director of Coverage
Telenor Norway

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The Mobile Network Optimisation Summit
the largest and longest running operator led forum globally!

Optimized Network Economics the Key for Successful Growth of Telecom Operators

The cynics may disagree, but the truth is that the euphoric rise of the iPhone has rapidly changed the once boring mobile data process. Users are suddenly downloading large volumes of data over their phones, causing mobile operators to frantically search for new solutions to help their networks handle the increased data traffic. Almost overnight, new markets appeared for products that didn’t exist a few years earlier and small companies hustled to introduce new technologies to take advantage of these opportunities.

So besides the smart phone what else is driving data traffic?

Kamaruzaman Mohd - Head of Core Network Design and Delivery for DiGi Telecommunications, the influx of smart phones due to their popularity as a reason.

We anticipate the influx of smart phones will contribute a lot of that traffic in the coming years; smart phones would affect the signalling capabilities of the network. So you need to focus on the signalling of the network, he said.

“Data traffic is one part of it, but the smart phone is significant to the market in many ways. First, data will affect your network, your ESN, GSM and everything, and another thing is signalling because smart phones will generate like 20 more times signalling capacity compared to a normal phone, so you need to have this kind of visibility in order to do better optimization” he said.

Find out why the emergence of smartphones to place stress on Telco’s signalling capabilities

Daryl Schoolar, Principal Analyst for Wireless Infrastructure at Ovum explains that the mobile networks of 2016 will be more complex than what we have in place now. “Mobile network of 2016 will be more complex in some ways with a mixture of macrocells, small cells, DAS, and Wi-Fi. Hopefully operators will use these tools to improve both capacity and coverage. And while LTE will certainly be the dominant 4G technology there will still be plenty of WCDMA/HSPA+ coverage as well. It is this operator challenge of managing multiple radio network generations (2G, 3G, and 4G) that will drive the development of new antenna and radio solutions to simplify network deployment and management. Integrated radio antenna solutions will be more common. These types of solutions will also help with the reforming of spectrum so that an operator can move LTE into existing 2G and 3G bands,” he explained.

Read the full interview with Daryl

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What your peers had to say about the Mobile Network Optimisation Series

The summit has given me good insights on how other operators and vendors faces the challenges on data network and cost optimisation - Head of Network, Maxis
This event gave me good idea on how to optimally optimise my network, also to insure the OPEX and CAPEX - RF Optimisation Team leader, Roshan)
Confidence boosting to learn other operators face similar issues despite geographic variation - Senior Manager in Master Planning and Transmission Planning, Mobitel

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